Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie Sworn In

Wednesday May 9th, 2012
Perry Christie sworn in as Prime Minister of The Bahamas

Perry Christie sworn in as Prime Minister of The Bahamas

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Perry Christie was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of the Bahamas yesterday following his victory in Monday’s general election.

He said during his acceptance speech that he has turned his mind toward forming a new government, with the first ministerial appointments to be announced today and the whole Cabinet formed by Friday.

In his first interview with local media as Prime Minister, Mr Christie revealed that he intends to assume the position of Minister of Finance and will appoint an “outstanding personality” to be the Minister of State for Finance. He assumed the position of Minister of Finance during his 2002-2007 term as Prime Minister.

He also revealed - as has been widely known - that Philip “Brave” Davis, Deputy Leader of the PLP, would become the Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas

“I have an obligation to ensure that we have an effective government,” he said. “I will begin the process of naming ministers to the cabinet tomorrow.”

Yesterday he announced that Wendell Major will assume the post of Cabinet Secretary.

Mr Christie promised during his speech to “exert every effort to alleviate the problem of joblessness” and invited those who did not vote for him to join him in the spirit of patriotism.

He added during his interview with members of the press, that his new government will immediately begin to implement the programmes his party set out in its Charter of Governance - especially those related to crime.

“I think we can anticipate that in the most immediate future, once the new government is assembled, we will put the programmes to them,” said Mr Christie.

He insisted that his team of cabinet members will be the most qualified “in the history of the Bahamas.”

The PLP's election campaign centered around crime and Bahamianisation and asked that individuals now put away their party colours and unite.

Mr Christie also said he will have review the performance and portfolios of Mr Ingraham’s administration in order to determine what he will do with ongoing projects and those in the pipeline.

“The budget must be completed by the first of July, including the debate,” he said. “So we will have the opening of Parliament with the speech from the throne setting out our policies moving forward.”

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