How You Can Own a Caribbean Hotel For Under $3 Million

Monday June 1st, 2015
A Stone’s Throw Away

A Stone’s Throw Away

It’s one of the great Caribbean fantasies: to pack up everything and go own an island hotel.

Well, it’s not quite as impossible as you might think. A Stone’s Throw Away, one of CJ’s Best Hotels in Nassau, was recently placed on the block for $2.88 million.

The boutique bed-and-breakfast is located at the western edge of the Bahamian island of New Providence, about 20 minutes from downtown Nassau.

The property includes 8,832 square feet of space, with 10 guest rooms, each of which has an en-suite bathroom.

It also includes a rooftop lounge area, a dining restaurant, a spa and exercise room and an office, among other features.

It’s whats called “The Total Island Experience.”

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